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Sample enquiries

We have had an architect in UK draw some sketches for us. We asked the estate agent to put us in touch with a local architect which they did, but her price to submit the plans is four times that of the UK.. We have two barns and a house for renovation. We leave on Monday so a quick response would be great thanks

Hi do you have details of builders in or near the dordogne? We have all paper work and planning just need a builder who turns up

We have land wiht CU and the designs all approved finding it difficult to get a builder within next 6 months. Do you work in the Lot near to Fumel?

... its a two room stone house on the outskirts of Langeac and needs extensive
work to bring it up to a reasonable stondard ie Roof requires renewal and
stonework requires pointing etc. we also envisage a dormer roof and a
mezzanine internal floor to create a bedroom and endsuite bathroom

We think we have found another opportunity but we were wondering if we forwarded some photographs to you, you could give us a ball park figure of what it would cost to convert it into a house. Hope you can help us in this matter.

The property is in the Vendee, close to the town of Le Fontenay le Compte
(between Niort and La Rochelle). It is an old stone cattle barn, measuring
300 square metres. The walls are structurally sound, but the roof needs
replacing, which I'd like to get done before the winter, to prevent any
further deterioration of the rafters and existing structures...

I am hoping to buy a house in France. In fact, I looked at one in Solesmes (Sarthe) a few weeks ago: it seemed quite solid but it was an absolute nightmare inside. I did make up a list of work needing to be done - in fact the whole place needs gutted!! If I found a similar house and made up my list, do you then go and inspect it and give me a quote, time-scale etc etc? How much is your service - do you have a list of prices for your various services? Anything you think would help, please advise.

We are looking in the Charente region at buying either a piece of land and having built a 3 bed property (house or bungalow) of approx 200 sqm or buying a barn / house to renovate - could youplease provide indicative costs for new build and renovation in order that we can determine our budget

Do you know of a scaffold suppliers in themidi pyrenees region - Condom to be exact! Many thanks.

We have a property in Mont. Bellay (49) which has a plot of land of approx 8a 35ca which had a 'grant de urbanism' granted in 2000. We have had this plot valued at approx 40,000 euros.
The house and other land we have had valued at 60,000 euros, a total of 100,000 euros.

I have two options:

1. A new build on the plot of land, a small 2/3 bedroomed property, for which we would need an approximate cost.

2. The renovation of the house and other land, this property currently has no water, electric or sewage, and a part demolished wall, which has to be put right and in keeping with the remaining wall, but the building itself is sound. No structural work is required, the loft would need to be converted, but this can be done at a later date. This renovation would be paid for from the proceeds of the sale of the plot of land.

Whilst I appreciate that you have seen neither the house or grounds I am making initial enquiries into costings without you having to go to the expense of visiting the property. I can e-mail photos of the house and a plan, it is my hope that option 2 can be accomplished from the proceeds of the sale of the land completely.