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See below for a step by step account:

• Finding the property
• Location report
• Finding an architect
• Planning permission
• Finding a builder
• Supervising the building

Progress reports:

• First sight of the Bergerie
• Clearing the ground
• Laying the foundations
• Building the walls
• More walls !
• Ready for Christmas

Finding a builder

Once again French Property Renovation were asked to provide 3 quotes. On their advice we chose the middle priced builder on the grounds that he was reliable, and lived just down the road. We reckoned that he wouldn't want to be living close by to clients if he hadn't done a 1st class job !

As the building progressed it was invaluable having FPR on hand to help the work flow smoothly. For instance they found tiles to exactly match the ones taken from the Bergerie and had them delivered in time for the new roof. They were able to advise on whether we were better off with under floor or conventional heating, where to buy flooring tiles, which fuel to use, how to arrange for postal delivery... all the million and one things you never think of until its too late !