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See below for a step by step account:

• Finding the property
• Location report
• Finding an architect
• Planning permission
• Finding a builder
• Supervising the building

Progress reports:

• First sight of the Bergerie
• Clearing the ground
• Laying the foundations
• Building the walls
• More walls !
• Ready for Christmas

Finding the property

We were looking for somewhere to bring up our young family away from the pollution and cold damp weather of London, and had been on holiday in Montpellier in the South of France and taken a fancy to the area.

We didn't get very far with the French Estate Agents we visited, who seemed disinterested in our search for a £80 to £120,000 property. We tried looking in the local papers but it was a bit of a nightmare, and as our two weeks holiday was up returned to London vowing to come back in a year to try again.

A friend recommended French Property Renovation who took on our portfolio, and after investigating our requirement narrowed down the search area, suggested we either buy a plot of land and build our own home, or buy a 'ruin' to renovate. This way we would save about £10,000 in French property taxes. They contacted local notaires and we were lucky enough to find a tumble down bergerie with 2,600 sq metres of land just outside a small village 25 k from Monpellier. FPR sent us a situation report, and we asked to view as soon as was possible. The next day we were on the plane to Montpellier, and by the end of the day had our offer accepted! We arranged for FPR to find an architect so we could proceed to the next step, and were back on the next flight to London hardly believing our luck !